Bulls-Eye Pee Pads for Your Puppy

With Bulls-Eye Pee Puppy Training Pads, your potty training pup will hit the bulls eye every time! The problem with regular dog training pads is that your dog will pee anywhere on the pad, which can be very messy.

Bullseye Pee Pads

But the Bulls-Eye Pee dog pads have concentrated pheromones that attract your puppy RIGHT to the center of the pad only!

The Bulls-Eye Pee Pads’ leak proof absorbent quilted material is made with odor eliminating micro lock beads that absorb and hold the liquid, and even lock in odors and also release a pleasant scent!

The Bull’s-Eye pee pad makes a great training tool for your puppy and is great if you live in an apartment. Your pet will never have to worry about waiting for you to let him out to go pee again.

No more going out in the rain or bad weather again, with the Bull’s-Eye pee pad you never have to worry about that. With Bull’s-Eye pee pads your potty training pup will hit the bull’s-eye every time.

Training your puppy has never been easier.


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