Gripeez Comprehesive Review; Reasons You Must Try Gripeez

Like most people, you may have a lot of stuff to hang in your house or in your car. Family pictures, canvas and other art to hang on your wall. If you are looking for the best product to hang photographs and artworks on your wall, without damaging your wall, this is the time to try Gripeez.

Gripeez is 3’’ by 2.5’’ adhesive pads that can hang anything anywhere without falling. Unlike nails, you can now comfortably hang pictures, artwork or any other stuff on your wall without putting holes on your wall. But what makes Gripeez unique.

Gripeez is totally unique, you can’t compare Gripeez to glue, tape or nails. Tapes are known to leave sticky residues on the wall, and nails will leave holes on the wall.


It can grip everywhere- car windows, dashboard, wet part, metal, tile, wood, plastic and many more.

You can remove it easily without any damage the surface.

You can reuse up to 1000 times.

Leaves no sticky residue.

Can hold up to 5pounds.

It is safe and non-toxic.

How to use.

It is very easy to use- you just need to peel-off the back, stick it on the surface of what you are hanging and press it to the area you want to hang the item.


Where can it be used?

Gripeez can be used on any surface, metal, tile, wood and plastic just to mention a few examples. They are safe and non-toxic.



Gripeez can be used for various purpose to hold more than 5 pounds, it can be used to;

Hanging photos and artworks and any other decorations on wall.

If you usually forget keys to your car or room, you can use Gripeez to hang keys by the door.

It can be used to hang toothbrush or razor in the shower.

It can also be used in car for your phone.

If you have a party, you can quickly decorate your house and comfortably remove decorations after party without damaging the wall.

You can also hang your diet program in kitchen, appointments and work plan on living room for you to follow easily.

If you are under medication, Gripeez is also very useful.


Is Gripeez legit?

Gripeez as seen on TV is legit, it promises to make things easy and incredibly convenient by holding things objects without using glue, tapes or nails. They are small, simple and yet robust to keep anything intact. You can keep keys, mobile phones, sunglasses, chains and many more while driving or at home without risk of falling. They make daily routine easy to follow. Gripeez is revolutionary new way t hang objects, very affordable yet they won’t damage your property.

Price: $10.00

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