Hover Ball as seen on TV – Indoor Soccer is Real

Hover ball is a hot trend nowadays, especially among soccer players who are eager to experience the thrill of playing indoors the most loved sport on the planet.

The hover ball, as seen on TV, enables them to leverage the multitude of benefits of playing soccer without worrying of accidents or other negative circumstances. Using the modern “super slide technology”, this product keeps moving on any surface, including carpet and wood, without getting stuck.

The Company Behind the Hover Ball

The manufacturer of this well-famed indoor soccer ball is Wham-O, a reputable company from California that has been operating in the toy industry for more than 50 years now.

Some of their branded products include famous toys such as Snow Boogie, Aqua Force, BZ Boards, Hula Hoop or Wham-O Has Heart. All of their products can be found here: http://www.wham-o.com/product.html.

Hover Ball – How to Use it

This technological breakthrough looks like a soccer ball cut in half. Due to its soft materials, the ball can be used in all indoor spaces, including living-rooms. This ball is good for playing indoor soccer. It can also be used as a tool to practice your skills with both feet.

Its secret lies in the Super Slider technology that makes the ball roll on without stopping.

You can use this product either as a soccer ball or as a fun toy for the whole family. The second option is usually preferred, as most professional soccer players still prefer the real ball.

Features & Benefits

The features and benefits of this product make it stand out of the crowd with ease:

– Available in three sparkling colors: green, pink and blue.

– Safe to play indoors, in any environment.

– Perfect for the whole family, including seniors and toddlers.

– Super slider technology: no other product on the market uses this advanced technology in production.

– Extremely resistant to scratches: Hover Ball is made to last, so it will last long in time without being affected by scratches or bumps.

– Does not scratch the furniture nor destroy your sofa.

– 30% money back guarantee: in order to make sure that their customers’ investment is safe and to help them gain peace of mind, the manufacturers offer a 30% full money back guarantee, no questions asked.

– Extremely easy to order: customers can order the product in less than 2 minutes by entering this link: https://www.hoverball.com/.

Let the Fun Begin

Hover Ball proves that indoor soccer is real, regardless of the surroundings. Order one or more today and take advantage of the deal available online: only $9.99 per ball.

Price: $9.99

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