Magic Finder

Magic finder will work with any Android or Apple smart phone.

Magic Finder is essentially a key locator that attaches to anything you want to track. Magic Finder communicates with the Magic Finder app on your Apple or Android smart phone to track 3 different ways! You can locate by distance, light and sound, or even use the Magic Finder itself to track your phone if you lose it!

What Makes Magic Finder A Good Buy?
For me, any key finder that can help me keep track of my keys is a win, but Magic Finder stands above with it’s multiple ways to track my lost or missing keys.
Find any lost item in 3 easy ways:

Radar – track the distance to your lost item.
Sound and Light – track your item by sound and light.
2 Way Tracking- activates an alarm on your smart phone [even if it’s turned off] to help you find it in seconds.
Battery included- uses a replaceable CR2016 standard watch battery.
Works with any iOS/Android smart device.
150 ft range.
Track up to 8 items at once.

Magic Finder Total Price Breakdown
Buy 1 Magic Finder for $19.99 + $5.95 S/H and get a second Magic Finder for just an additional $5.95 S/H for a grand total of $31.89 before tax. (Tax will apply for NJ residents.)

Magic Finder Lowest Price
At the time of this review the lowest price for Magic Finder is via the official Magic Finder website.

Where To Buy Magic Finder?
Magic Finder is currently not available in stores. We found ours over at the official Magic Finder website.

Does Magic Finder Have A Warranty or Guarantee?
Magic Finder is covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee minus the cost of shipping and handling.

Does Magic Finder Really Work?
We have not had an opportunity to be hands on with the Magic Finder yet, but based on our experience with similar products, we feel that the Magic Finder will work as advertised.

Magic Finder Review: Our Conclusion
All in all we love the Magic Finder for it’s ability to find missing keys in 3 different ways. The Magic Finder app was easy to find and install, and we thought that the commercial’s claims for it to be used on pets or high dollar items was smart.
So if easily finding those lost or missing keys is something you need to have, be sure to do yourself a favor and click the order now button below.

Magic Finder

Price: $19.99

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