MicroTouch Switchblade Two In One Trimmer

MicroTouch Switchblade

The two-in-one MicroTouch Switchblade is one of the recent innovations in the realm of trimmers that has really revolutionized this trimming industry.

Apart from allowing people to perform perfect clean shaves, the two in one trimmer provides an easy head to toe grooming device. Whether you want to get rid of the facial hair or trim your overgrown sideburns, this MicroTouch trimmer works incredibly well just as advertised on TV.

Its blade is designed in way that it enables you to trim both your frontal and back hairline with ease keeping your head neat and elegant.

What actually pisses off most people when using other trimmers is that the trimming devices tend to irritate sensitive parts of the body such as the back of the ear and eyebrows.

The case with this two in one trimmer is different because it gives smooth sensual touch when shaving the hair found on these sensitive hairy body parts.

This MicroTouch Switchblade trimmer features high uncompromised performance because it has been engineered with the following unique specs.

Its Features

2-In-1 design includes lighted mini & full-size trimmers for head to toe grooming
Powerful enough for the tough stuff yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin
Precision snap-on guides for superior control

Nonetheless, some notable setbacks coming with this trimmer are minor and do not compromise with the overall performance of this MicroTouch trimmer. For sure, this is the all-time number one trimmer which you should consider buying it in your next shopping. Go and get one for yourself to start enjoying perfect hair trimming.


Price: $19.99

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