Rox Ice Ball Maker Review- Should You Really Buy It?

You can never have too much fresh ice around the house, regardless of whether you like to drink cocktails or soda. While ice trays are so ubiquitous that practically every household in the world has them,

there is a new way to enjoy cold drinks and it is called the Rox Ice Ball Maker. Below is a comprehensive and honest review of this product, which should help consumers decide whether it is something they need at home.

Americans love their cold drinks, but these days our cups have more ice than drink. And regular ice waters down the flavor. Introducing Rox Ice ball makers, the cool way to make ice shaped like a ball and melt much more slowly than regular ice.

The Sphere shape of the ice balls keeps your drink from getting watered down.

What Exactly is the Rox Ice Maker?
This ice making tray works just like any other, except it makes perfect spherical ice balls instead of cubes. As you would with any ice maker, the Rox simply needs to be filled with water and placed in the freezer in order to get large ice globes that you can use for any kind of beverage.

Rox ice balls will last for hours so you can taste your drink! The Rox ice ball maker works like an ice tray, freeze water to keep your drinks cool or add color for fun. You can even make round frozen fruit ice pops.

The Rox ice ball maker makes four ice balls at a time. The trays are made a BPA free silicone so the ice slides right out with no sticking.

Main Benefits and Features

Special spherical design melts slower than regular ice cubes
Works like a regular ice cube tray — just fill and freeze
Each tray makes 4 ice balls
Large size lets you freeze garnishes right into the ball
Oven safe so you can make cake balls, meatballs & more
BPA-free food grade silicone

Makes Large Ice Spheres that Last for Hours
Avid Scotch drinkers would tell you that the only way to drink fine liquor (if you do not take it neat), is to use spherical ice so that it does not dilute the liquid.

It has been the cardinal rule of any self respecting barkeep as well as those who enjoy hard liquor at home to only use ice globes when preparing Scotch and the like.

Verdict and Recommendation 
The ROx Ice Maker is by far a very handy kitchen implement to have around the house. Given its very affordable price, getting more than a few sets would still be prudent even on a shoestring budget. Getting a Rox Ice Maker today can very well change the way you enjoy cocktails and drinking in general.

Price: $9.99

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