Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is made from ceramic which will withstand high temperatures and is microwave-safe, now you can prepare all those tasty meals in just minutes in your microwave.

This cookware is unique and consists of a specifically designed chimney that allows steam to escape, while the custom dome circulates heat evenly infusing flavor into the food. The hollow handle of the cooker stays cool and safe to the touch.

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker 

Now you can cook cheese omelets, soups, baked apple desserts and more. The Stone wave is one of the best solutions for low-fat cooking. And is one of the fastest and easiest ways to cook healthy and delicious meals. Small enough to fit 4 in a regular size microwave.

The Stone wave microwave cooker has a nonstick surface which let you cook healthier without using any butter, oils or other fats. The unique dome design allows the steam to escape causing even circulation which adds more flavor into the food. With the Stone Wave new microwave cooking miracle anyone can cook like a pro.

Offer includes: Stone Wave Microwave Cooker and five Minute Recipe Book.

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  1. Alex at Jul 27, 2013 03:39:31

    I have to say the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is one the products that I’ll be using for a while. The fact that it’s a ceramic cooker assures me that it will be a healthy way of making dishes for my family. I highly recommend the Stone Wave Ceramic product, a top As Seen On TV offer for sure. 🙂

  2. Alisha W at Jul 29, 2013 02:08:44

    My mom got the stone wave bowl set for me (I just moved into my first apartment!) I have had such a great experience with these, that I had to come on and brag 😉
    Upon my initial reaction I was thankful for the gift, but to me, they just looked like any other bowl. They were a bit smaller then I had imagined I would ever use, but I figured I would give them a try.
    **My mom has a knack for finding new items that get put to good use.**
    My roommate and I were craving omelets, so I figured it would be a good way to put the stone wave through it’s first test. We combined eggs, chopped ham, cheese, onions, and mushrooms. Microwaved for 70 seconds – PERFECTION. I couldn’t believe how delicious it was – and my roomy agreed.
    Ever since that first day, we use our stone wave bowls alllll offff theee timeee. It’s they only way that I can make myself something in-between classes and work.


  3. George K at Aug 23, 2013 02:27:03

    Bachelor cooking = Microwave. I am always on the go, and super busy with work. Stone Wave is the perfect solution for on-the-go meals.

  4. Pauline Harris at Sep 03, 2013 02:11:10


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  7. Marian at Apr 17, 2014 12:19:49

    I try to click on the buy button but only get a pop-up for Russian Brides Online. Do they come with the product to clean up after??? Fix your website!


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