The Go Go Pillow Product Review and info

I originally saw GoGo Pillow while watching TV over the weekend. I knew it would be a big hit. GoGo Pillow is one of those products that seems simple, yet it covers a wide range of problem solving solutions.

So here’s the TV pitch: GoGo Pillow is the multifunctional pillow that is designed to hold your tablet firmly, while traveling, cooking or sitting in a place.

GoGo Pillow not only holds your tablet, but it is also a pillow, attaches to your car head rest for backseat movie viewing, zips into a backpack, AND (my favorite feature) zips into a travel neck pillow.

My GoGo Pillow was purchased from the website (click the link if you’re interested) and arrived 4 weeks later. GoGo comes in 6 different colors, and fits about any size tablet.

I have both the kindle and the iPad, and it holds them perfectly in place while I read/watch movies. I recently traveled to Philadelphia; GoGo was the perfect solution to my travel needs. It held my tablet while I was reading and my head when I was tired. It was nice having the option of a regular pillow, or neck pillow.

All in all – I would give this product a 5 star rating. It’s a functional travel pillow that offers multiple uses. It is Buy One, Get One Free for $19.95 + S&H.

Get Your Go-Go Pillow Here!

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