The New Grabbag As Seen On TV

Move over plastic bags… Grab Bag As Seen on TV reusable shopping bags are now here! These sturdy, expandable bags hold more groceries than regular plastic ones and won’t spill over in your trunk.

Loading and unloading is easier, with comfortable handles and fewer trips back and forth to your car.

Stop Straining and Struggling with Plastic
Have you ever had a plastic grocery bag slip out of your hand and crash to the ground? This won’t happen with Grab Bag. The durable fabric construction features double handles for a more comfortable and secure grip.

Each expandable bag is strong enough to hold up to 40lbs or the contents of four plastic bags. With fewer bags to carry, you’ll save time loading and unloading your car!

Features and Benefits:

Made of earth-friendly material
Easy to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth!
Fold flat to slip easily into a glove box or the side of a seat
Generous front pocket has plenty of room for wallets, cell phones or coupons
Mold & mildew resistant
Each bag holds up to 40 lbs!
Perfect for shopping clubs and other stores that don’t supply bags
Also great for trips to the laundromat and dry cleaner, storing knitting supplies, toys or beach stuff

No more messy spills or bruised produce! The broad base is designed to stay put, not topple over as conventional bags do. The fastening tabs close securely to keep contents where they belong.

It’s a pleasure to open the back of your car and find your groceries just as you left them: neatly packed and ready to bring inside! Get The Grabag Here!

Price: $14.99

Order Yours Here!

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