The Right Size Smoothie

Decadent and delicious RightSize® smoothies help you lose weight by curbing your appetite and providing your body with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We designed the formula to speed you on your journey to a happy and healthy weight.

Affordable and easy to prepare
15g Protein | 6g Fiber | 180 Calories**
Over 20 vitamins & minerals
Gluten-free & nut-free
Prevents sugar crashes with low
**When Prepared With Fat-Free Milk.
Hunger smashing
You know how some foods leave you hungry 30 minutes after eating? That’s because they’re low in protein and fiber.
These two ingredients play a critical role in RightSize®’s unique hunger smashing formula.

Unlike carbohydrates such as sugar or starch, protein digests slower because of its dense structure. Fiber further helps reduce the speed of digestion – keeping you full and avoiding peaks and valleys in your energy level.

One smoothie for breakfast, another for lunch and some healthy snacks will get you all the way to dinner.

With more than 100 tasty recipes, you won’t get bored of the same old flavor. Choose from Lean Cocoa Bean®, SkinniVanilli®, Leano Cappuccino® and Slend-a-Berry®. Adding fruit and other healthy goodies creates a fresh variety every day. Get right Side Smoothie Here!

Price: $10.00

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