Skin Care Products – How Do You Tell a Genuinely Good One From Ones That Are Unsafe Or Just Junk?
By []William Leonard

Skin care products are big business. So there is a real need to be able to recognize the bold exaggerations of cosmetics advertising.

Americans spend more than $1 billion a year on anti-wrinkle creams, for example. And where there is this sort of money and profit we always see a swarming of fakes and plain mediocre products. Their ads are splashed in glossy magazines and on television commercials. Everywhere we are told about the “best skin care products” — available from the advertiser.

You can recognize what is fake by looking at the ingredients.

But there is another thing we need to look out for. Some skin care products use dangerous chemicals to get their smell and texture.

In the US almost anyone can make and sell skin care products. There is little regulation and every incentive to used cheap ingredients to maximize business profits.

This has lead to the situation where only 11 percent of the more than 10,000 ingredients used by the cosmetic companies have been tested to make sure they are safe. So just having a shower this morning, washing your hair and using a luxurious body wash (from Walgreen’s) could easily have exposed you to almost 20 toxic chemicals. (Yes, I said toxic. This is a fact.)

Skin care products don’t need FDA approval, and a study by the respected National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health found nearly 900 toxic chemicals are regularly used by cosmetic manufacturers in this country. European regulators recently banned 450 chemicals found in personal care products over there. US regulators have not even bothered to commission a long term study of chemicals in our skin care products.

As a result, its easy to find examples of unsafe chemicals in common skin products. Take the artificial (and inexpensive) colors Green 3 and Blue 1, and the pigments FD and C. They are used without a murmur in spite of being known to be carcinogenic. (Yes, I said carcinogenic, and even a simple Google search will confirm that this is a fact.)

I think you are getting my point by now. We have to be careful about the skin care products we use because many of them would not pass a decent safety test.

OK, what do we do about this? My suggestion is to do two things.

One, use products that have 100 percent natural ingredients.

And two, know what healthy safe ingredients have rapid and long-lasting effects on our skin, and shop around for products that use them.

Things like one of my favorite skin care ingredients, Cynergy TK. Not only is it completely natural (no chemicals) but it contains an interesting type of a protein called keratin.

Even cheap, junk skin care products often include traditional keratin. Because if our own body’s natural reserves of the keratin are boosted then our dwindling reserves of collagen will also get a boost. Since the protein collagen gave our skin its elasticity and firmness when we were young, but began to break down and dissipate as we aged, rejuvenating collagen in our skin tissues will turn back the aging process. So keratin is a helpful ingredient in skin care products.

The problem is that keratin for skin products is almost always produced by taking the waste products of dead animals (like horns and feathers) and putting acid on them at high temperatures. Personally I would not want to be rubbing something like that on my face.

Cynergy TK uses a newly discovered form of keratin, called functional keratin, that is gently taken by a patented process from the clean wool of healthy sheep specially selected in New Zealand. The functional keratin is a near perfect copy of your body’s natural keratin and this gives Cynergy TK an edge over many other ingredients. In fact I’ve seen studies conducted over 18 days showing Cynergy TK gives a sustained 14 percent improvement in the ability of skin to retain moisture. And more than 40 percent improvement in the elasticity of skin over the same period of 18 days. That’s fairly impressive, I think.

So, there’s one natural ingredient I would recommend you look for as you consider what products to use.

And now you know this, may I suggest you do a search on Google and find products that include it. Actually, my own web site has some suggestions and helpful information and you may like to start your search there.

But whatever you do, look for skin care products that include things like Cynergy TK in the list of ingredients. And don’t be distracted by glamorous women in glossy magazine ads. You want to be using products with ingredients that are proven, healthy, safe and natural

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