Flex Seal Does Work!


Imagine how annoying it can be if you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and step into a puddle of water. After the initial shock goes away, you open the bathroom cabinet and discover a small crack in the pvc pipe. Well, if you have your wits about you, the first thing you do is to shut off the water supply. Next, you mop up the spill on the floor. Then, you reach for your can of Flex Seal and repair the hairline crack that is the cause of the leak.

Flex Seal is liquid rubber that comes in a can. A proprietary formula makes it possible to spray a chemical compound over almost any surface and permanently seal a hole or crack. The liquid takes only minutes to start to harden into a strong rubber bond that will last for years. The rubber fills in small cracks, penetrating into the crack and not just on top of the surface. This innovative sealant spray can do the job of a plumber without the cost of a plumber.

It is great for emergencies. Anyone that can spray an aerosol can of paint or bug spray can do a repair with Flex Seal.The basic procedure for using this liquid rubber product is to first clean away any dirt or unwanted material from the area that needs to be repaired. Getting the surface as clean as possible will help make the sealant spray adhere to the damaged area. While you do not have to go overboard and scrub the surface down with an alcohol rub, brush away dirt and any loose, foreign material. Next, apply the liquid rubber spray in a light, even coat to cover the crack or hole. Wait a minute or two and apply a second coat. For really large holes, you may need to repeat this step several more times.

Once you have properly applied the product, allow it to dry. Once it has dried you will have a waterproof seal that will stand up to all types of weather. Whether you are a skilled handyman or just someone who dabbles with home repair, why not pick up a can or two of Flex Seal today? Be prepared for any emergency with this innovative spray rubber product.

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